Entrepreneurial History

AHB Group Investments (AHBGI) is a privately held family organization with equities in a number of diversified businesses. The family’s entrepreneurial business roots stem as far back as a century where G1 followed the trend of migration of the time to places such as South America to Africa and beyond.

The family ancestors then thought opportunity in the in a variety of fields from agriculture and trading businesses, later adding to it delving into transportation. 

By 1946 a new dawn of independence spread across the Middle East Including Lebanon and its neighboring countries and with it came new opportunities, Where the Baassiri (G 1) ventured into Real Estate, Transportation engaging with a number of agencies such as Mann trucks, Michelin Tires and also setting up cinemas House.

By the mid 1950’s the G1 entrepreneurs had passed on and the business continued its emphasis on real estate, weathering a number of geo- transformations. 

By the 1970’s and after a period of interrupted entrepreneurship 2000px-RegisteredTM.svg a series of discoveries of natural resources in the Gulf States gave rise to a new opportunity where late Chairman Eng.Abdul Hamid Baassiri (G3) and Mrs.Samar Al Andani - Baassiri with a keen eye to this developing opportunity established a new base in the gulf region, alongside a number of partnerships.

Since 1970’s up to date a number of ventures have been pursued in the fields of Real Estate, Construction, Manufacturing, Trading, Health Care, F & B, T &T,. Some of the organizations are publicly traded with an approach to growing market share through the consolidation of smaller companies with in their industries while still maintaining the goal of independence to each individual division of AHB Group Investments to become its own market leaders in their separate industry of operation.

Since its inception AHB Group Investments has followed a clear mandate to total customer satisfaction launching a number of internal programs across each company geared to customer excellence pnggggg - Copy  and CSR CSR New Logo PNGnewww in its every day operations and planning. AHB Group Investments has built strong and long-lasting relationship with a wide variety of regional and international suppliers from various industries. 

A multi-generational company with a  multi-cultural environment and a multinational team of suppliers from around the world make AHB Group Investments a dynamic work place. In the past 4 decades AHB Group Investments has created a strong presence in MENA and GCC region with a  market focus approach with a diversified portfolio with UAE as its Head Quarters started with the construction market then diversified portfolio in to real estate development, concrete supply (ready mix), contracting, construction manufacturing, spare parts and air conditioning solutions and currently its expansion has come from its its investments arm B.I. Fund bi14new  investing across a large geographical area from South Africa to China. 

The Vision of the late chairman Mr. Abdul Hamid Baassiri (G3) was behind the company formal re structure to AHB Group Investments with a single-family office and a corporate identity reflecting the family values aimed to assist the generations to come along with professional team / hired guns in the business... with an eye on further investment