AHB Message

Our driving goal is to grow, succeed and become a leader in every business that we engage in, whilst giving back to the community around us by continuing to adhere to our values of integrity, respect and commitment to excellence. We bring our traditional family values of fairness, honesty and trust to bear on our corporate governance with modern, and innovative processes to utilize in developing our businesses and new partnerships.

The AHBGI (A.H.B Group Investments) team with its wide experience is the corner stone of our organization .This tremendous source of talented team members is committed to the support and success of our customers. Having an all inclusive working environment really demands an engagement process that starts with the individual team member and extends throughout the corporation to each and every stakeholder associated with our enterprise. With the concept of feedback and continuous improvement at the core of our planning, our working environment is geared to attract the best and brightest people with a culture built on support and encouragement to reach the full potential of every opportunity. It also keeps our quality focused approach in sync with our partners (suppliers & Customers).

AHBGI Pillars encompass these

1. Social Pillars

2. Structural Pillars

3. Asset Pillars

AHB Group Investments covers a wide range of geographical areas with a diversified INDEPENDENT Business unit’s portfolio. Investments are made through our B. I. Fund arm. Once the investment is made each company maintains its own identity in their field of operations. We always strive to achieve our goal of “institutionalized inclusion”. That’s what diversity is all about for AHB Group Investments and the people and institutions we serve towards a journey of growth to all.

As the Japanese saying goes:
“The Reputation of a thousand years is determined by the conduct of one dealing”

Abdul Hamid Baassiri 2014


The board and team members of AHB Group Investments across its companies aim to maintain the above goals